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Make an MSP Your Technology Sherpa Guide

They don’t always get credit, but climbers reaching the summit of Mount Everest rely on a Sherpa to guide them. Making information technology decisions can feel like climbing a mountain, but there’s help for that, too. A managed services provider (MSP) can be your technology Sherpa. With so many of us working off-site right now, digital transformation has moved from “wouldn’t it be nice?” to “we need to be there now.” Technology is as essential to business success as oxygen is to those scaling Everest. Going digital can [...]


Is a Cheap PC Worth It?

What's the Difference? Consumer vs Business Computers You see a computer sale at Best Buy or Costco and think, “Wow! What an excellent deal!” But is it? Low prices on consumer PCs are designed to draw you in, but are you really getting a device that can do what you need it to? Too often, once someone gets that new desktop or laptop home or back to the office, they find out it’s lacking in performance and other key features that they need. And not all budget PCs [...]

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What is Malvertising?

What is Malvertising We are in a time when “fake news” has become a term thrown around so frequently it is now part of our vernacular. In fact, there are quite a few new terms and words borne from the rise of technology in our lives. One of those words is malvertising. What is malvertising? It’s when attackers are using sites to steal browser data via a malicious campaign that appears legitimate (don’t they always?) and in reality, can potentially download malware onto the computer of the [...]

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