New Orleans Computer Repair Company Helping Save Small Businesses Money

managed ITIn today’s tough economical times every dollar you spend on your small business must have an immediate and measurable return.  Nowhere is this more evident then when dealing with critical IT services and support.
If you and your business depends on technology to ensure your business continues to run and be more efficient, utilizing a proactive managed solution such as Worry Free Essentials will save you money by increasing your proficiencies and help to reduce your downtime

The Worry-Free Solution

Thanks to our state-of-the-art monitoring tools and our ability to remotely deliver help desk services to small businesses regardless of where they are located, You will receive proactive computer maintenance plan that will maximize your uptime and reduce your expenses over time.  Our Worry-Free IT plans will automate the processes your systems need done to ensure maximum effectiveness. We ensure all system patches and updates are done overnight without the need for costly onsite visits minimizing work disruptions.

Should you have a problem that requires attention, our remote help desk tools and technology allow our trained technicians to react immediately and assist users when they experience day-to-day problems, all without forcing them to wait hours or days for a costly on-site service call.

Not only do we monitor each and every workstation and server to ensure that it is properly secured, updated and running as efficiently as possible, we can also proactively monitor your network performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be alerted if any potential problem exists allowing our superior trained technicians to fix they issue before you and your company are even aware of it.

Getting Started on Worry-Free IT Managed Plan

Implementing and receiving the benefits of proactive monitoring and remote help desk is simple and painless for Small Business Owners. By contacting our company, you can begin receiving these cost-saving and efficiency-improving services right away having the peace of mind knowing your system is completely managed and protected. Once we install our monitoring agents you will begin to see immediate improvements.

These tiny agents report all the critical information such as device health, service pack and operating system, antivirus and antispyware update information back to our central monitoring system, allowing real-time analyses and proactive management to occur. Our Worry-Free IT software application allows us to track all problems reported by the monitoring systems and end-users, and are used to document each and every step taken to resolve every issue and preventative measure taken.  On of the best features of the system is the creation of a knowledge base of information which continues to grow over time allowing swift resolution for issues that have been previously documented saving you both time and money.

Worry-Free IT Benefits

The benefits enjoyed from our happy small and medium sized businesses are numerous and include increased operational efficiency, the ability to reduce and control your operating costs and gain access to top tier IT support, as well as many others. The biggest benefit our clients report is being stress free knowing that we will handle their IT needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week leaving them now able to focus on running their business, and not their networks.