Hidden Dangers of
Working from Home

Remote workers threaten 1 in 3 businesses

Free Security Training: Introduction
to Working Remotely

According to a survey by OpenVPN, 36% of organizations experienced a security incident caused by the actions of a remote employee. Watch this easy-to-understand video and learn how you can take steps to protect yourself, your business, and your loved ones.

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security training


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Complementary security awareness resources to empower you and your team to work from home, securely

HUMANS – The NUMBER ONE Threat to Your Business

65% of organizations fell victim to an email phishing attack in 2019 alone. Do your employees have the education and tools they need to keep your business safe?

A breach from one employee affects the whole business and overall brand value:

  • Raises your insurance rates

  • Affects your reputation locally

  • Reduces revenue due to loss of customers

  • Loss of time and money during downtime

  • Lost trust of customers with their data

Don’t let your company be the next victim. Reduce your risk of a human error-induced data breach and save time, money, and your reputation.

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