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Key Benefits of Managed Desktop Support

Do you want to forget about the hassle of managing computers, applications, and operating systems so you can focus on what’s really important to you – running your company? GCPC provides efficient managed desktop services wherein we keep your computers safe and reliable. When you’re leveraging our managed desktop services, you can rest assured knowing we handle everything – from procurement through to support:

We provide a suite of services in support of desktop and software. Our goal is to keep your desktops’ security and performance up-to-date and running smoothly. We provide operating system updates, software installation and updates, PC performance tuning, desktop security, and troubleshooting and repair.

Operating system updates – We take care of updating your desktops’ operating systems by installing the latest updates and security patches as they become available ensuring you PC stays protected.

Software installation and updates – Whether your desktops run legacy applications or business productivity software such as Microsoft Office, software must be installed and configured as well as periodically updated. Without these updates you PC can run slow and allow malware into your system.

PC performance tuning – We optimize your desktops for improved performance – and improved employee productivity. Windows by default installs various apps and services that are not needed and tend to slow down your PC. We ensure only the essential needed services and programs are installed.

Whether you have an IT department or not, our desktop and server support services can help to reduce your overall IT costs. Rather than hiring a full-time systems administrator, you can let us take care of your desktop and server support for a fraction of the cost of salary and benefits. We are also able to improve your system’s reliability, making sure that it is consistently well maintained. The best benefit to choosing us to manage your desktop and server support is that you have peace of mind. You’ll know that your server is backed up regularly and that your entire system is well maintained.

Security – Security threats on the internet and coming in via email, desktops must be secured with antivirus and antispyware software. We install sophisticated security software that can block threats in real-time, block phishing attempts, and more. Because it’s not practical to rely on individual users to update antivirus definitions, we make sure each desktop is updated as well as run regular scans to ensure that any malware that may have gotten past the initial defenses is found and removed

Our job number one is to allow you to be efficient and we take it very seriously. If you are having issues with software, your email or a third party program, we can simply log onto your computer and solve the issue within minutes. If you are having a problem with hardware or your network, which would require a more hands-on approach, we will make it over to your office and ensure the problem is taken care of. You will not see a different tech who needs to be caught up with your setup every time. You can be sure that your tech will be familiar with your business, network, computers and printers.

Whether a desktop’s hard drive has failed or software and components are conflicting with each other, computer problems are often difficult to diagnose. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing and troubleshooting computer problems as well as making the appropriate repairs. We provide timely on site repairs and proactive repairs designed to keep you PC fast and trouble free.



We’re here to help answer your questions. IT matters can be frustrating, our experts are on hand to help fix your issue and reduce your frustrations. We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.