Does Your Business Need Antivirus Software?

Most business owners know what antivirus software is and have a vague idea what it's supposed to do. But does your business really need Antivirus software? This is a question that I receive from time to time from some of my clients and my answer is ALWAYS YES. Without proper protection malware protection for your [...]

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New Orleans Backup & Disaster Recovery

New Orleans Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan - It's Worry-Free Protect your data, your business - and your future Data Backup & Disaster Recovery services from Gulf Coast Computer Solutions protect your data through the use of cutting edge onsite and offsite backup services. Add this to standby server technology and you can rest assured [...]

2015-10-19T17:42:59-05:00October 19th, 2015|Articles, Backup & Recovery|

Is Your Computer Network Haunted by Ghosts?

Checking Your Network Doesn't Have to Be Scary! Many business owners and managers we talk with wait FAR too long to check their computer network’s health and security. Unless you are actively performing regular daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance, a nasty virus, malicious hacker, unexpected software corruption, hardware failure or dozens of other problems could [...]

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