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Customer Service Over Computer Solutions

GCPC provides small businesses with IT Consulting and Network Service at a small business price. We employ a dedicated team of skilled engineers, trained to focus on the customer needs. Our founder Mike DiNapolis who has over 20 years of IT experience emphasizes Customer Service as much as computer services. Most small businesses simply can not afford to employ a full time Information Technology specialist (aka “I.T.”) to deal with the day to day problems inherent that most small businesses face; this is where GCPC can help.

Whether you are located in Slidell, Baton Rouge, New Orleans or Picayune we can provide state of the art technology solutions designed to keep you run faster and more efficient allowing you to concentrate on increasing revenue for your business.

We Provide Big Business Services
at Small Business Prices

We provide many services that are pivotal to businesses allow them to take advantage of growing technology to propel their business and earning into the future. Some of these services include installing and maintaining network services including firewalls, routers, switches, servers, printers, e-mail systems, virus protection, and desktop hardware and software along with cloud services. We also offer complete network integration and upgrades as well as assistance to clients with Voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems, voice and data cabling and project management of any kind. GCPC truly offer all of the services that one would expect to find in a large enterprise-level business.

We Make IT Simple

At GCPC we make IT simple and affordable. Our managed services gives today’s busy small businesses piece of mind knowing that their valuable company assets are protected by a leader in the IT field. When we take on a client, we provide the services to secure their devices and critical data along with flexibility in designing the best plan for your situation. Our Managed Backup services ensures your workstations and servers are fully protected. Add our managed desktop solution to ensure your computers are secured, managed, patched and monitored to ensure they stay fast and protected from today’s threats.  With our Worry Free Support You no longer need to worry about IT details or costly breakdowns.



SENIOR PARTNER – Chief Technology Officer

Mike formed GCPC after 20 years of working as an IT Manager at various companies.  Seeing a need for local businesses to have the same quality of services offered to bigger companies, Mike created Gulf Coast Computer Solutions to allow businesses of any size to have the same protection and support at an affordable predictable monthly cost.



Keeli is the glue that holds GCPC together.  She is instrumental in providing behind the scenes support and assistance when and where ever needed.  Besides making sure that our invoices and accounting practices are up to date she keeps us organised and orders our equipment.  Keeli is a valuable asset to our team.


Technical Engineer

Sean as one of our best IT techs, is an out of the box thinker. Self-taught since his youth he has been overcoming IT obstacles for over 8 years. With a passion for problem solving, Sean has been irreplaceable in resolving isolated and remote situations for our team.


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